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Assessment, Career Counseling, Career Planning and Training
Job Search Assistance
Job Site Training and Advocacy
Job Club and Classes
Ongoing Support


Assessment, Career Counseling, Career Planning and Training:

Individuals work one-to-one and in small groups to strengthen job-related skills, to prepare for the job application/interview process, to master the essential functions of the job, and to learn how to succeed on the job.

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Job Search Assistance:

The STEP program assists qualified individuals with preparation of resumes and cover letters, job skill assessment, job choosing, job searching, application/interview training, and liaison services with community supports.

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Job Site Training and Advocacy:

Job site training and advocacy can be provided on an as needed basis.

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The STEP program offers short term, paid internships for individuals who want to explore varied vocational choices, and for those individuals who have been out of the workforce and require assistance to become work ready.

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Job Club and Classes:

Job club and classes are offered to individuals who meet regularly to discuss work-related challenges, to strengthen job skills, and to research other employment-related topics. Speakers are invited in on a regular basis. The STEP program has a fully equipped classroom and computer lab for instructional use and offers multi-part classes on Job Seeking, Job Keeping, Computing for Beginners and Critical Work Skills.

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Ongoing Support:

Professional STEP career counselors can provide behind-the-scenes or visible support, such as on the job training, employment advocacy and job site visits. It is at the discretion of each individual as to the type of support they wish to have during their employment. Ongoing support is available as long as the individual remains active in the STEP program.


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